Day 1 of Attempt 815

Hello. And welcome to the 1st day of my 815th attempt to get fit. With some luck, hard work and willingness to not suck, this will not be known as failure 815, but as Success #3. (It’s 3rd because of the other two things I have actually succeeded at – #1 finding an amazing wonderful loving and kind person to spend my life with and #2 finding and excelling at a job that I love that also happens to provide enough money for us to have a comfortable life.)

Thanks to a nice round of butt kicking (aka inspiring blogging) from Jackie @, I am going to stop sucking at getting fit and I’m going to start being awesome. Fist pump high in the air!! Yeah!!

How I’m going to stop sucking and start being awesome is currently a developing plan. But I do like the idea of a 365 Project. I’m not a complete masochist who thinks that dropping 31 pounds in 30 days is a fun time filled with sunshine and rainbows. So doing it in 365 days seems way more fun and realistic. Doing the math (because in my deepest heart I am a math geek), it’s like 1.31 ounces a day. Totally doable!

Now, I’m pulling 31 lbs out of my ass (right????) because I think a weight of 150 lbs is a pretty good fit weight for me. But really it isn’t about that number on the scale. It’s about how I feel in my body. So, we’ll stick with 31 lbs because it is specific and measurable, but as we go we can adjust that as it seems appropriate.

I say we because it’s less scary thinking that it’s more than just me battling the demons that keep me drowning in my vat of cheesy poofs. We is an army that can slay all the demons of hell. Me. Me by my lonesome, against all those demons, well that is scaring the feces out of my gluteus maximus. But in the end it’s only ever me by my lonesome anyway. I mean, I have to do it. I have to slay the demons. No one else can do it for me, because they are my demons. Well, courage is being scared and doing it anyway, right? Bring on the courage!!!

So then on to the 365 Project. Overall goals are to weigh 150 lbs on 1/28/17, start loving my body and revive the blog to help with all this. Here are the things I will do every day for 365 days that will help me get to these goals.
#1: Make a plan every day to exercise and eat healthy. Share that plan. See #3.
#2: Take a picture of myself in a bikini every day*. Look at that picture and find something to              love. Share what I love. See #3.
#3: Blog about this shizzle. Every day. The good, the bad, the downright ugly. All of it.

If I should fail at this, skip a day (except as noted below), or just give up, I promise to upload every picture of me in a bikini to this blog.

OMFG! What am I doing? This is crazy with a capital Cray Cray! Well, only if I give up. Only if I bail. So suck it the F up and get going!

*I’m going on a bucket list trip in April where I will be incomunicado with the interwebs for 16+ days. I promise to write my blog in a journal every day and will post upon my return. Same goes for any day during the next 365 that I don’t have access for whatever reason – insane blizzard, kidnaping, etc. As for the bikini selfie, I should be able to make that work, but if my camera runs out of batteries I will then draw a picture of me in said bikini. Word.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of Attempt 815

  1. sam

    Hello :-)
    I found a link to your blog on the Jackie blog, and I have to warn you that 365 get fit projects inspired by her blog have a tendency to be more sucessful and take you to places you never expected!!

    I did exactly the same and 2.5 years in I am still going :-D so I have every confidence that you will succeed :-D

    1. Leah Post author

      Thanks for the support!! I’m excited to get this party started, but as you probably know starting is hardly ever the problem. A month or two in is the problem. Consistency is the problem. Dedication is the problem. Well, perhaps not this time!!! I’m looking forward to the journey and wherever it goes. Thanks for being part of the ride!

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